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Less isn’t necessarily more when it comes to blood alcohol limit

By Kim Covert August 29, 2017 29 August 2017

If a blood-alcohol limit of 80 mg is an effective deterrent to drinking and driving, a 50 mg limit should be even better, right?

That’s essentially the thinking behind a proposal to limit the criminal blood alcohol concentration limit, but less, in this case, isn’t necessarily more.

That’s because 50 mg indicates the presence of alcohol in the blood but isn’t necessarily an indicator of impairment, says the CBA’s Criminal Justice Section in a letter to Justice Canada. While there is enough evidence of impairment to support a limit of 80 mg, there is “little to no consensus in the scientific community that 50 mg is impairing.”

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Speaking out for judicial independence in Poland

By Kim Covert August 28, 2017 28 August 2017

Poland is becoming known as Europe’s problem child, with what one report calls a “worrying policy of polarization” that stems back to the election in 2015 of the Law and Justice party (PiS). Issues came to a boil this summer with a number of planned reforms that would have the effect of erasing judicial independence and give rise to the possibility of political influence on judicial decisions.

In July, the EU deemed those plans an amplification of a “systemic threat to the rule of law” in the country. It demanded that Poland “address these problems within one month,” failing which it was prepared to trigger Article 7, in which a member country’s EU voting rights are suspended.

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CBA welcomes first feminist international assistance policy

By Kim Covert August 25, 2017 25 August 2017

The CBA’s International Initiatives Committee applauds the federal government’s July announcement of a new feminist international assistance policy.

In a letter to the Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, Marie-Claude Bibeau, the Committee Chair, commended the government on its focus on inclusive governance, and gender equality.

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Hitting the small and solo sweet spot: Quality. Accessibility. Profitability.

By Kim Covert August 23, 2017 23 August 2017

Hitting the small and solo sweet spot: Quality. Accessibility. Profitability.


Quality. Accessibility. Profitability.

Law firms with all of these characteristics have hit the “sweet spot” of legal practice, says Noel Semple, assistant professor at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. The problem is that most small and solo law firms generally hit only two of the three.

In a white paper titled Accessibility, Quality and Profitability for Personal Plight Law Firms: Hitting the Sweet Spot, published by the CBA, Semple describes the professional challenges facing lawyers and identifies sustainable innovations to make their services more accessible while maintaining quality and profitability.

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CBSA pilot project not the answer to border backups

By Kim Covert August 21, 2017 21 August 2017

Once around the flagpole, then home?

Not so fast.

Flagpoling is a term used by foreign nationals who exit the country only to immediately re-enter in order to satisfy the requirements of a work visa or to confirm landing. Because of slow processing times and inefficient processes online and at immigration offices in Canada, it is more efficient for many people to go to a point of entry and do the quick turnaround than to deal with an inland immigration centre.

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