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How legal writing can be a communications tool

By Geneviève Fortin December 7, 2017 7 December 2017

How legal writing can be a communications tool


If you’re a lawyer, you’re used to reading and deconstructing long, dull and complex documents. That’s what you do for a living. But how well do you tolerate complexity? How do you feel about reading the terms of your mortgage, documents from Revenue Canada, or your investment statements?

Now imagine how your clients might feel reading your letters, legal notices and contracts.

Not only are they often overwhelmed by the complexity of what you’ve written, but many of them feel they are paying a lot for your services only to be left in the dark.

Our relationship with information is changing and we expect more of the professionals we hire. Now more than ever, your clients assess the quality of your services by placing a premium on the simplicity of the advice and documents they receive. Whether your client is an individual, an employee from another department or a business, simplicity is indicative of quality. 

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